U-Event is the mobile application for all your event needs. With U-Event you can go beyond the event website and make your event last longer, until the next manifestation.

  • Public and  Pro  versions (for registered users)
  • Multi events: a single application for all your events
  • Web management interface: create news, user groups and pre-defined alerts, visualize statistics and reports
  • Data pulled from your existing database, including exhibitors, visitors, news feed and schedule
  • Secure 1D/2D badge
  • Badge reader (smartphone) for your main entrance or to control access to specific areas (conferences, cocktails)
Business cards
  • Digital business card exchange
  • Integration with the phone contacts
  • List with logo, description, coordinates
  • Integration with the phone contacts
  • Location on the interactive map
  • Requests, confirmations, changes, cancellations
  • Integration with the phone calendar
Event agenda
  • Schedule of internal events
  • Description, location, speaker, date, favorites
  • Integration with the phone agenda
  • List of maps, accesses
  • Exhibitor location
  • Delivery of news targeted to relevant groups with your choice of attached documents
  • Alert your public of a new article through push notifications
Practical information
  • Description of how to get to the event, accesses, etc.
  • Other useful information to event participants
  • Send push notifications from your mobile phone
  • Schedule alerts to be sent during your event hours


Delivering an app for IoT, smart cities, public transit, quantified self? GoFlow is the perfect tool to engage users in solving your issues.


Push2Talk is a simple and practical application that transforms your smartphone into a walkie-talkie. Talk to your friends and colleagues using the network connection.

Push2Talk by Ambientic is more than a walkie-talkie application for smartphones. It allows you to create virtual rooms where you and your partners can meet and discuss.

  • Create a virtual room or join an existing discussion.

  • Push and talk to your partners, regardless of which type of smartphone they have.

Boîte à Sardines

Discover the crowdedness of trains in the Paris metro in real-time with Boîte à Sardines. Passengers provide crowdedness information collaboratively to help you choose the best time and train for your journey.


Keep track of who is entering your event in real-time. Receive alerts on your phone whenever VIP visitors arrive, and check the number of people inside your event whenever you want.


iBICOOP enables direct interactions among mobile devices regardless of their operating system, platform or network environment, simplifying the development of collaborative applications.


Ambientic is a spin-off of Inria, the internationally respected French National Research Institute in Computer Science.

Ambientic collaborates with several research teams at EU level.



We build mobile applications to support impromptu collaboration. We want to enable people to exchange data and cooperate on professional activities using their mobile devices regardless of which platforms or service providers they choose.


Ambientic was born from two wishes:

- To industrialize some of the research results obtained at the INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt research center.

- To provide a novel management and communication solution for event organization and particularly to expo organization.


Ambientic has been awarded the prestigious National Competition for Innovative Technology Companies on the "Emergence" category on 2009 and on the "Création-Développement" category in 2010.


Our first application addresses collaboration on the event organization domain.

The U-Event application provides a suite of services to improve communication among all actors of an event (organizers, exhibitors, contractors, visitors, speakers) before, during and after all types of events (conferences, congresses, trade shows, expos, exhibitions).